film noir

Hi. I'm Ant. Welcome to my Blog. I'd give anything to be Brian Fallon or The Boss. 28. Married to the most incredible girl. I also have the best friends.

had a great time at IIOI at Captains Rest tonight…

always awesome hanging out with Emma and Gordy, two of my closest and best friends. always good chat and laughter. 

headed downstairs for the midway point of a really great band called The Great Albatross. really enjoyed their set, excellent music supported by great stage presence and banter. 

As I’ve said before on here, Evan is one of my favourite live acts. the dude was born to tell stories, either in song or simply by talking. he holds your attention so well and is very genuine. he just needs to remember that Scotland and England are seperate countries and we don’t really like being called one and the same haha! a pretty long set tonight or it felt like it. amazing.

was nice seeing folk I haven’t seen in a while. and it was really nice of Steven to come say hi. I’ve been going to Struggletown shows for a long time now and I’ve only spoken to Steven once but he came over to talk for a bit and I really appreciated it. awesome dude.

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